Ankush Sachdeva, CEO & Cofounder, Moj & ShareChat

It has been an exciting 6 years for us building Moj & ShareChat and today is an important milestone in our journey.

We have raised US$502 mn at a US$2.1 bn valuation from Tiger Global, Lightspeed, Twitter, Snap and other investors.

It feels magical in hindsight to see how a simple insight on WhatsApp groups usage in India could lead to such an impactful journey.

The Journey

I and my cofounders Farid & Bhanu were in IITK when we participated in a hackathon in 2012 and met each other.

We built 14…

It was a jubilant scene in Hall 3 — the hostel block 3 of IIT Kanpur. The block has again won the ‘Galaxy’, the fiercely fought annual inter hostel cultural festival. Though they are used to winning this year after year, every win is special. For Srijan, it was extra special because, in his five years on the campus, Hall 3 came victorious every time. As a singer, he had played a part in it.

It was March 2019. The scorching heat of summer had just started hitting the country. Senthil, like every other day, was engrossed in his work as an accountant in a company in Salem, a little town in TamilNadu. Then, a few hours into his daily work, his phone rang. It was an unknown number but with one of the most unexpected messages. And, in his own words, changed his life forever!

The following blog post originally went out as an email from Ankush Sachdeva (Co-founder & CEO, ShareChat) to all ShareChat employees, on 20 May, 2020.

Dear Team,

I hope all of you are safe and healthy. Today, even as the world is going through truly unprecedented times; I’m incredibly proud of how each one of you came together and adapted quickly to ensure we give our users the best possible experience! Thank you for your amazing efforts.

When we got together for our last Town Hall, I had communicated to all of you about how the lockdown would impact us…

Skydiving, Flying an aircraft, Scuba diving, Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Trekking, Parasailing, 800 Km stretch Bike ride! For many of us, this may be a set of adjectives for speed or adventure. But not for Suneet Agrawal. These are part of an eclectic mix of activities that the adrenaline junkie in Suneet has touched his hands and heart so far.

One clear memory from Mitali’s school days is how her parents used to hide books during her exam days so that she could focus on her school books. Such was her obsession with reading books, so much so that at one point her parents were too worried and couldn’t understand that someone can be immersed in a hobby to that extent.

“I have been actively reading since my early school days. As I grew, the passion for reading also grew with me”, she says. Reading was what opened a new world of perspectives for Mitali.

Amidst the lockdown, you must have read phrases like the Yamuna looks cleaner, Delhi sees blue skies, Mumbai beaches looks mesmerizing, Bengaluru looks love-stricken by lovely flowers. While we have been stuck to our houses, one fact we cannot overlook is Mother Earth is healing.

Nature has its ways of reminding us that it needs to preserve resources. Coronavirus pandemic has forced a majority of the population to stay indoors and nature is rejoicing this vacation. Social media is flooded with images and videos of birds, wildlife and aquatic species being spotted in various parts of the world.

But the…

Life, like many mysteries in this world, is full of surprises. Sometimes it takes you to the pinnacle of contentment. Sometimes it takes a complete U-turn, acts funny and drowns you deep and asks, are you ready for some hard time? That is life throwing a chance at you to show your mettle. For Rohini, all these sounds quite familiar. She was broken, but not ready to give up. Looking for a way out, she found salvation in yoga. And that was a defining moment!

All it takes is a gust of wind to incept the seed of passion in a person’s soul. It can flow to your life at any stage, join your journey and be a way of life. You might have picked it up by accident. Or maybe on purpose. Or the decree of life can take it to you. But what matters is how passionate you are about it and how you find room in your life for it. Photography for Chirag is one such thing. It came to him completely out of the blue. …

On a bright sunny day in March 2016, Gautam finally decided to end his relationship with something which was holding him back for 21 years. Born in Jhansi, he had created an invisible fence around, resisting him from accepting anything beyond his convictions. He would unleash all his clout to defend his thoughts, engaging in high decibel conversations. But it all changed on that day!

Till then, Kanpur, where he went to college, was the only place outside Jhansi that he had been to. …


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